Transport, shipping and logistics

The speed and reliability of the supply of raw materials and goods is today one of the cornerstones of production, trade and the economy. From the perspective of entrepreneurs, it is not only a prerequisite for market presence, but also a potential element of competitive advantage. Changing economic, legal and technological conditions and growing customer expectations mean that the Transport, Shipping and Logistics (TSL)  industry is characterised by extremely dynamic development, creativity and progressive specialisation of services. However, regardless of whether we are dealing with intermodal transport from a distant corner of the world, a fulfilment project designed for e-commerce, advanced contract logistics, groupage transport, or courier  services – in each case, it is necessary to base the project and cooperation on a properly structured contract. This is in the interest of both the haulier, freight forwarder, logistics operator and its customer.

We have been involved in the TLS industry for over 20 years. We provide services for carriers, forwarders, logistics operators and postal operators, as well as for entrepreneurs interested in organising the logistics and distribution of their goods. Importantly, we are well-versed not only in legal regulations, but also in market practice, currently operational, technological, organisational, insurance and business solutions, etc. This unique and holistic knowledge allows us to efficiently propose adequate legal constructions, as well as inspire our clients to reach for specific solutions. We want to be not just a legal service provider for our clients, but a fully  fledged partner.

In the course of our activities, we have created many special contractual templates, comprehensively regulating the activities of TSL entrepreneurs. We have prepared and advised on countless projects concerning logistics and distribution of goods, including those requiring the development of individual solutions. We have carried out projects concerning the acquisition of legal titles to warehouse facilities and specialised logistics and transport infrastructure.

Our services include:

  • Legal advice related to the establishment and provision of transport, freight forwarding, logistics and postal services, including courier services.
  • Preparation of model contracts, general terms and conditions and regulations for the provision of transport, freight forwarding and logistics services in domestic and international traffic, taking into account the various modes of transport (road, rail, sea, air, intermodal).
  • Development of legal models and draft contracts for logistics and distribution with cooperation procedures, including complex projects involving, for example, retail chain logistics. Negotiation of contracts.
  • Legal services for logistics infrastructure projects (logistics parks, warehouses, industrial and office facilities, vehicle fleets, specialised equipment and installations, IT solutions and systems).
  • Advice and legal representation in disputes and litigation relating to the provision of transport, freight forwarding and logistics services, as well as disputes relating to logistics infrastructure.
  • Legal advice in relation to third-party liability insurance for the logistics operator, freight forwarder and carrier, as well as insurance for the property that is the subject of the services.
  • Advice on the legal requirements for handling specific product groups, such as foodstuffs, medicinal products, household and domestic appliances, dangerous goods, etc.
  • Analysis and opinion on draft legislation regulating or affecting the TSL industry. Preparing and conducting specialised training courses and workshops.

If you are active in the TSL sector or looking for legal solutions to organise the logistics and distribution of your goods – we look forward to working with you.

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