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The energy sector operates at the interface between national and EU legislation, so when it comes to running any energy company – be it a trading company, a distribution network operator, a transmission network operator, a storage facility, or for example, a mine or refinery – the management of the companies is responsible for meeting all the requirements of energy law. It is important to bear in mind that the range of penalties that the president of the Energy Regulatory Authority can impose is constantly growing. A qualified legal team is essential in this situation. At GWW, we have specialised in energy law for many years – we are able to understand the often-incompatible EU and national regulations with great precision, we accurately interpret flawed regulations (as we have had the opportunity to prove more than once before the administrative courts) and we have a broad understanding of the current requirements imposed on entrepreneurs by concession and other authorities. Our influence on energy law is measurable to the extent that our experts participate in the legislative process when shaping or amending the law.  We are responsible for Poland’s first comprehensive advisory service on the legal environment for the nuclear power industry.


We offer regulatory advice, including support and representation of energy companies in concession, tariff, operator, and other proceedings before the president of the ERO, administrative and common courts.


  • We advise on complex contracts in the energy sector, including contracts for the sale of electricity, gas and heat, grid connection agreements, fuel storage, transmission and distribution contracts, and contracts for the outsourcing of energy needs.
  • We support energy companies in acquisitions or takeovers of other companies in the energy sector.
  • We advise on investment projects, including line investments, in the electricity, gas and liquid fuels, district heating, nuclear power and renewable energy sectors.
  • We handle disputes in the energy sector – we support and represent energy companies in disputes with authorities, including both in regulatory disputes and disputes between energy companies or with energy company contractors.

We are proud of our experts’ track record in energy law, in which a highly knowledgeable and practical team you can be confident that we will be able to help you with all your needs.





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