Power Industry, Natural Materials, Fuels

Scope of our know-howarrow
  • Supplying regulatory consultancy, including the supporting and representing of power companies in proceedings over concessions, tariffs, operations and other matters, before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office (UKE), and administrative or common courts
  • Offering support during the legislative process as law crucial for power-supply companies is being developed or amended
  • Advising on complex agreements in the energy sector, including agreements for the sale of electricity, gas and heat; grid connection agreements; storage, transmission and distribution agreements for fuels; and agreements outsourcing energy needs
  • Supporting enterprises with their acquisitions or takeovers of other energy-sector companies
  • Advising on the pursuit of investment projects, including line investments; investments in power supply or in the gas and liquid fuels sector, and in heat engineering, nuclear energy and renewables
  • Running litigations in the power industry, including in both ​​regulatory disputes and ​​disputes between power companies or with their contractors

"The lawyers’ answers are to the point and they kept a constant channel of communication open, which really helped us to respond and plan ahead. All topics that require consultation with Brussels are a speciality for the team".

Chambers Europe w kategorii Energetyka i zasoby naturalne

"A proactive team that is flexible and creative when it comes to solving problems".

Chambers Europe w kategorii Energetyka i zasoby naturalne

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