New obligations in SENT for foreign carriers from 1 July 2024. – webinar summary

On 18 June 2024, a GWW webinar was held on the system for monitoring the carriage of goods in SENT (i.e. the System for Electronic Surveillance of Transport) and discussing the proposed changes to the regulations introducing the obligation to report carriage to the SENT register by foreign hauliers performing international road freight transport nt Poland.

During the webinar, participants were familiarised with
– issues related to the SENT register and the principles of its operation (e.g. basic registration obligations, ways of sending carriage declarations to the SENT register);
– goods covered by the SENT system, as well as those excluded from carriage monitoring;
– types/schemes of carriage covered by monitoring in the SENT system, as well as the roles of participants in these carriages and the basic obligations incumbent on them in relation to mandatory monitoring;
– Penalties for violations of obligations under the Act on the monitoring system for road and rail transport of goods and trade in heating fuels;

– rules for dealing with the unavailability of the SENT register (emergency procedure).


In addition, the proposed changes, which will come into force on 1 July 2024 and will concern foreign hauliers performing international road transport of goods nt Poland, were discussed, in particular those concerning the introduction of an obligation to notify carriage to the SENT register before its commencement nt Poland. The scope of data that will be subject to notification and penalties provided for in the Road Transport Act related to the breach of carriage monitoring obligations in SENT were also presented.




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