Chambers Global 2013 recommends our practice for Corporate/M&A

The renowned publishing house Chambers & Partners, in analysing the legal services market around the world, has published the forthcoming edition of the Chambers Global 2013 ranking, where GWW was once again honoured with a recommendation in the Corporate/M&A field.


EU projects financial corrections

GWW Legal is the content-related patron for the "Financial corrections in EU projects - beneficiaries' legal remedies" conference taking place on 18 April 2013 at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Wrocław Medical University.


Telecommunication buildings investments

Joanna Sebzda-Załuska will represent GWW Legal during the "Telecommunication buildings investments – legal regulations and the construction-environmental dimension" conference.


GWW TAX the second most effective tax firm

The GWW tax practice, run under the brand GWW Tax, was second among the most effective tax advisory firms in 2012 in the large firms group – according to DGP.


98th tax conference

GWW Tax is the subject related patron of the 98th Tax Conference entitled "Deducting input tax – the purchaser's liability for unlawful actions by the seller"

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