Online training | Revolution in construction law, key aspects of changes from April 2024

On 15 February 2024, there will be a training course entitled Revolution in Construction Law, the most important aspects of the changes from April 2024, combined with an expert discussion in an online format. The training is organised by “Rzeczpospolita”. Among the presenters will be: Dr Martyna Sługocka, Marta Lipińska, Łukasz Doniec, Agnieszka Zawiślańska and Katarzyna Niemiec.

This unique training will present topics such as:
– digitisation of the investment process in 2024
– an overview of modern tools and technologies that can facilitate and streamline the investment process
– new standards for zoning decisions in 2024
– rights and obligations of the construction manager
– problems against the background of the purchase of perpetual usufruct and their impact on the investment aspect
– “pat-development” – how have the new regulations affected the construction industry in 2024?
– neighbourhood agreements in the practice of the investment process.

More information on the training itself and the possibility to sign up at the link below


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