Criminal Law

Scope of our know-howarrow
  • Assuring comprehensive legal assistance in the field of criminal law, with particular emphasis on economic and fiscal criminal law
  • Representing clients as defence attorneys and proxies at every stage of criminal and fiscal penal proceedings
  • Offering legal assistance and advice regarding misdemeanors, disciplinary and criminal matters involving issues of an international nature
  • Performing audits of procedures securing against the risk of criminal liability arising in organisations, and adapting, designing and implementing new procedures in this area
  • Conducting internal investigations in the event of suspected fraud in organisations, and preparing reports with recommendations on how to proceed
  • Carrying out risk assessments regarding criminal or fiscal penal liability as transactions or other kinds of commercial activity are pursued
  • Preparing legal opinions, analyses and reports on issues relating to criminal law, tax law and criminal procedures
  • Conducting research and analyses of fiscal penal proceedings instigated instrumentally to prevent statutes of limitations regarding tax liabilities from running, as well as representing clients in numerous proceedings of this type