Zdzisław Modzelewski's webinar: VAT 2022

Zdzisław Modzelewski's webinar: VAT 2022


At the beginning of next year, there will be a true revolution in Polish taxes. Changes in income taxes due to the Polish Deal will have a leading role here. However, changes in VAT, although not as spectacular as in CIT or PIT, may also surprise taxpayers. There will be such new aspects as, inter alia, structured invoices (e-invoices), changes to TAX FREE, a new JPK_VAT structure, VAT groups or the possibility of VAT taxation of financial services currently exempt from VAT. There will also be new penalties.

Zdzisław Modzelewski, VAT expert, invites you to a practical webinar during which he will clarify this difficult subject to participants.

The meeting is intended for accounting offices, bookkeepers and businesses.

Date: 17 December 2021

Link to registration: https://sklep.infor.pl/webinarium-vat-2022.html?. .



The webinar is organized by INFOR.