Rebranding of JPK Insight - TAX Insight from now on

Rebranding of JPK Insight - TAX Insight from now on


Our brand, offering tools that automate tax settlements, is changing! We have decided to rebrand it, check on TAX ​​INSIGHT and its new website.

Along with the new website, we have changed company and product logos that are associated with the implementation of new tax tools. Not only does the new website have a refreshed graphic design, but it is also simple and intuitive to navigate through and the content is available in a clear, user-friendly form.

We offer a new dimension of compliance. Our focus is to comprehensively adapt to the ongoing tax transformation. We are changing because the world and the environment in which we operate are changing too. Legal regulations and technologies in which we report taxes are changing. Our mission is to create innovative and effective digital tax compliance tools, by means of which we will provide businesses with solutions that comprehensively integrate and support tax reporting processes.

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