Quo vadis, Europe? Is the telecommunications market excessively regulated?

Quo vadis, Europe? Is the telecommunications market excessively regulated?


Why don't we imagine that the pandemic broke out a dozen or so years ago. Let's go back to 2009 - the year of changes. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned of the AH1N1 flu pandemic for the first time in 41 years. It was also the year of the global economic crisis. The unemployment rate in Poland exceeded 10 percent.


COMMENTARY by Rafał Duczek, legal advisor and supervisor of the GWW telecommunications law team

As far as the telecommunications market is concerned, fixed broadband lines with a capacity of up to 2 megabits per second were the most popular at that time - recalls Rafał Duczek, partner at GWW Law Firm, thus starting the discussion on the directions of European regulations vs. the reality in Poland. - Their market share exceeded 66 percent. In such circumstances, we would be doomed to a real lockdown. There is a great video in which a Russian student tells that he has to walk about 300 meters outside the village and climb a 9 meter high birch tree to participate in online classes.

We should realize that we have a completely different situation in Poland. We have made a real civilization leap. But this is not the time to celebrate. We are facing new challenges related to the European Code of Electronic Communications. Is it perfect? No, quite the contrary. Many solutions are simply detrimental. For example, the FTR regulation relating to the termination of calls in a public fixed telecommunications network. It is a solution that reduces the value of the market.

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