Pro Bono

By playing an active part in pro bono initiatives, we put the knowledge, experience and skills of our experts to use for the common good. The public, Polish culture, sport and legal education are all benefitting.

Our involvement
  • Non-governmental Aid for Ukraine Center

    GWW's team of lawyers answer questions on an ongoing basis regarding assistance to Ukrainian citizens in Poland in the context of the war in Ukraine. Questions and answers published at

    Non-governmental Aid for Ukraine Center maintains the largest database of information for refugees from Ukraine in Poland

  • VentilAid
    GWW is a legal partner of the VentilAid initiative, which supports the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic by using technology.

    How does it work? A group of engineers and designers decided to create a device having a function of a respirator as a tool to combat the effects of the COVID-19 disease. Ventilaid is a device aimed at relieving medical staff and save as many patients as possible. Owing to its unique parameters, it can be quickly implemented for mass production and due to low costs - also in the poorest countries. VentilAid is currently at the stage of medical tests of a new respiratory prototype, cheap to manufacture and widely available.

    The GWW team of intellectual property practice and new technologies supports VentilAid in the field of copyright and industrial property rights. 
  • The Dorastaj z Nami Foundation
    GWW is among the backers and founding-members of the Dorastaj z Nami Foundation. We are a material partner of the Foundation, servicing it from the point of view of its legal needs, with responsibility here conferred on Konrad Chodorowski. We play an active part in the system organising internships for young people, and opportunities of this kind exist with us.

    The Foundation’s goal is to extend educational support to children whose parents or guardians have died or been severely injured in the line of public duty. Other entities actively involved with the Foundation include Orlen, Orange, Boeing, PwC and the PGNiG Foundation.
  • The amendment process in telecommunications law
    From the outset, GWW has been an exceptionally active participant in efforts to liberalise the Polish telecoms sector. Our lawyers have a constant presence in any and every initiative to inject more competition into telecommunications markets. In the interests of lower prices, our experts advised the Ministry of Infrastructure in the Telecommunications Law amendment process. GWW‘s role was to co-draft secondary legislation, the proposed amendments receiving consultation under the “Consensus Conference” framework. Our most spectacular achievement is GWW’s participation in the drafting, the result being enhanced competition on the market for telecommunications services in Poland, and hence an influence for us on the fall in prices achieved on both inter-operator and consumer markets.

  • As commissioned by Lewiatan – the Polish Confederation of Private Employers – a Report on the application of Article 70 § 6 point 1 of the Tax Ordinance Act in the practice of state tax and fiscal-audit authorities
    The Report presents the results of research into the practices of tax and fiscal-audit authorities within the scope of application of Article 70 §6 item 1 of the Tax Ordinance Act of 29 August 1997 (the Dziennik Ustaw Official Journal of Laws of 1997, No. 137, item 926, as amended). The research aimed to furnish the data whose analysis would allow for a determination as to whether the above authorities institute penal fiscal proceedings to stop tax liabilities from expiring, and hence for a purpose other than that foreseen by the legislator (see Art. 114 of the Fiscal Penal Code and Art. 2 clause 1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, in conjunction with Art. 113 para. 1 of the CCP).

  • Report on research into the phenomenon of the instrumental instigation of legal proceedings in the course of an ongoing tax proceedings
    We are currently drafting this Report, which has us cooperating with the Helsinki Human Rights Foundation, the Lewiatan Polish Confederation of Private Employers and the Economic Chamber of Non-Ferrous Metals and Recycling.

  • Programming classes at Willy-Brandt-Schule
    Our lawyers also engage in pro bono work on their own account. In the name of education, a GWW partner Karol Kuch has been running private programming workshops at the Warsaw-based Willy-Brandt-Schule since 2011.

Our support
  • Lemkin 2018 – The Lemkin Library
    We have extended financial support to an undertaking of the Witold Pilecki Center for Totalitarian Studies that marks the 70th anniversary of the UN’s adoption of its Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. The term “genocide” was coined by Raphael Lemkin, a Polish-Jewish jurist, and it was he who drafted the Convention.

    A key undertaking within the Centre’s project to popularise Lemkin is the founding of a “mini-library” of publications containing research on genocide. In this context, the Library of the University of Warsaw will receive nearly 200 titles on Lemkin himself, and on genocide studies as broadly conceived. From June 2018, these works are being made available to readers as a separate special collection. Having all the key sources in one place in this way will facilitate the work of scholars, inspire law students, and prove beneficial to anyone interested in the subject. It will also contribute to the popularising of the life and work of Raphael Lemkin as witness and hero of the 20th century.


  • The “Patron of Legal Education” title awarded by the European Law Students Association ELSA Poland
    GWW has twice been honoured with the “Patron of Legal Education” title. This distinction is a form of appreciation for contributions to the development of legal education in Poland.

    Some projects we have taken part in:
    - the 2012 academic conference on: The taxpayer ruled offside. Tax evasion and how to prevent it, organised by the   Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń;
    - a national competition for the gloss to a decision in a tax case, run by the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
    - the Conference No holds barred? Legal aspects of advertising, held by the University of Łódź;
    - ITele©t – a national competition relating to the law on telecommunications, intellectual property and new technology, as thought up and initiated by GWW itself;
    - a University of Warsaw Conference entitled Is free culture legal? Creative Commons Licences in Polish copyright law.


  • Towarzystwo Szkół Zjednoczonego Świata im. prof. Pawła Czartoryskiego (the Professor Paweł Czartoryski United World Colleges Association)
    We have been providing the Association with legal counsel in the whole period since 2012. Its Representatives put it this way: “Cooperation between the United World Colleges Association and GWW has represented a key stage in the development of our organisation. With the support and involvement of GWW lawyers, we hope to do even more to serve Poland’s most-talented young people, by way of the best organisational and formal-legal solutions. On behalf of the more than 300 graduates of the Professor Paweł Czartoryski United World Colleges Association, we would like to offer our thanks for the commitment shown”.

    The Professor Paweł Czaroryski United World Colleges Association is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organisation enjoying the status of public benefit organisation. It has as its main aim support for the development of civil society by way of the international education of young people in a spirit of tolerance, care for the protection of human rights and activeness in society.


  • The KARTA Center
    GWW is involved with selected KARTA Centre Projects. We extended financial support to the publication entitled Gdynia. Biznesplan II RP (“Gdynia. The Business Plan of the Second Republic of Poland”), as well as co-organising a themed meeting on that Biznesplan in Warsaw’s Muranów Cinema. Our cooperation also extends to assisting the KARTA Centre in legal disputes.

    The KARTA Centre is an independent NGO that documents and propagates the most recent history of Poland and the CEECs, spreading knowledge on contemporary humankind, and working tirelessly to promote tolerance and democracy.


  • The “Seats” Initiative at the Polonia Theatre
    GWW has funded the 12th row of seats at the Polonia Theatre. Thanks to this kind of sponsorship, the Theatre was able to launch its Grand Stage on 2 December 2006, with a performance of Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters.

    Piotr Woźny, founder of GWW, had this to say: “In the reality that surrounds us, bold ideas by which professional dreams and passions may be pursued seem to be lacking. But in our opinion, the idea of Mrs. Krystyna Janda to both open a theatre of her own, and collect funds for the construction of a Grand Stage for it, is both bold and original, and therefore worth supporting.”


  • Radio Zet’s Andrzej Woyciechowski Award
    As the Project’s legal partner, GWW is delighted to cooperate with Radio Zet over its Andrzej Woyciechowski Award. Our own Karol Kuch sits on the Competition Jury as Secretary. The Award is one of the most prestigious in Polish journalism, as its goal is to honour journalists for courage shown in the pursuit of the truth, and the uncovering of what has previously gone hidden or unsaid.


  • We also back those who promote sporting activity, in particular among children and young people. Involved here are sports clubs located in the cities – or “little homelands” – of our employees. Benefiting from our help:
    - the Orbita Volleyball Society in Ełk 
    - the Delfin Sports Club in Ełk
    - the Niedźwiadki Pupils’ Ice Hockey Club in Gdynia