The government has announced an “anti-crisis shield” for entrepreneurs

The government has announced an “anti-crisis shield” for entrepreneurs


During today's press conference, the President and the Prime Minister presented main assumptions of the shielding package to protect entrepreneurs against negative effects of the crisis. The package is called the anti-crisis shield. Draft amendments to laws are to be ready by the end of this week. The government estimates the value of the package at PLN 212 billion.

  • The package is primarily addressed to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Among protective solutions, there are reliefs and postponement of contributions and taxes (including postponement of payments to the Social Security Company – ZUS)
  • Special interest rates on credits and borrowings as well as an extension of the repayment period of loan installments will be proposed
  • A salary payment system will be developed for the enterprises most affected by the crisis


The so-called anti-crisis shield has been divided into 5 pillars:

  1. Protection of employees against job loss
    For entrepreneurs meeting specified criteria – coverage by the state budget of part of salaries of those employees who cannot work. Employers are to cover another min. 40%. Self-employed persons and persons employed under a mandate contract and a specific task contract can also count on a similar solution.
  2. For entrepreneurs (such as credit guarantees, ensuring liquidity, micro-loans, operational lease for transport and forwarding industries)
  3. Healthcare support
  4. Financial sector security (ensuring liquidity of the financial system, protection of deposited funds, deposits, contributions and withdrawals)
  5. Public investments

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