Tomasz  Krzywański

Tomasz Krzywański

attorney-at-law, TEP, partner at GWW Tax


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Tomasz Krzywański

attorney-at-law, TEP, partner at GWW Tax

  • Started working as a lawyer in 2012 at Wardyński i Wspólnicy law firm, where together with Aldona Leszczyńska-Mikulska, he created the first team of advisors for individual clients in Poland.
  • He provides advice to entrepreneurs and wealthy clients, caring about the safety of their families and estates. Tomasz operates on the contact point of several branches of law: companies, family law and inheritance. He operates especially where there is a cross-border element and it is necessary to manage a project across several jurisdictions. He is familiar with international companies, foundations and trusts. He has experience in handling complicated citizenship-related cases.
  • Member of the prestigious international organization The Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners (STEP), member of the International Association of Young Lawyers.
  • Finalist of the international law competition Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Vienna, 2013  (Honourable Mention), as well as the LEWIATAN Arbitration Competition (3rd place for the best speaker).
  • With GWW since 2016.
  • The Columbus School of Law, International Business & Trade Summer Law Program – 2012 
  • Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Faculty of Law and Administration, Master’s degree in Law – 2014  
  • Kozminski University in Warsaw, postgraduate studies on taxes – 2016 
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He is excellent. He has a totally perfect international overview dealing with all jurisdictions all around. I would absolutely recommend him.

Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2021, Star Associate

The "very young and brilliant" Tomasz Krzywanski enters the rankings for the first time this year. He is recognised for his work with wealthy clients and business owners, assisting with succession planning and inheritance matters. One source says he is "a very good lawyer," explaining: "He showed commitment and willingness to look at the broad spectrum of issues related to client matters." Another adds that "he always comes up with fresh and creative ideas".

Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2019, Associate to watch

"The truth is that with my big experience around lawyers, Tomasz Krzywanski is my favourite," a source enthuses, explaining: "His knowledge is first, but so is his reaction. He is always very quick and very precise." Another adds that, "if I had to recommend a lawyer working in the private client market, it would be him," and identifies Krzywanski's strength as "trying to find tailor-made solutions for the clients to satisfy their structural needs." One interviewee praises Krzywanski's communication skills: "He is always trying to explain in simple words what the issue is, what is the right decision for me, why I should do something. From my perspective as a client, this is a really important thing – we use the same language".

Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2020, Star Associate

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