GWW wins in Rzeczpospolita Tax Ranking

In the Rzeczpospolita (Poland’s leading daily economics newspaper) ranking of best tax consultancy firms, GWW’s tax practice is the winner in the “Innovative solution” and “Effectiveness in conducting tax disputes” category. Our IT system for tax information management – “e-SHIP by GWW” – wins an award.

We are pleased to announce that GWW’s tax practice has won awards in Rzeczpospolita’s ranking of tax consultancy firms, for:

•    its INNOVATIVE SOLUTION regarding the IT module system for tax information management known as “e-SHIP by GWW”, which supports companies in fulfilling their obligations towards the tax authorities and automates tax processes;

•    its HIGH-PROFILE WINS IN COURT and its development of a favourable line of ruling, which consequently does not allow the limitation period to be suspended in hundreds of proceedings.

We are particularly proud of the award in the first category – “Innovative solution” – because the ranking committee assessed the leading IT solutions available today on the Polish market which support the process of settlement and reporting of tax obligations. We therefore competed with the biggest law and tax firms, including the Big Four and their top IT tools developed for tax purposes.

Value of the “e-SHIP by GWW” system for clients
1.    A reduction of tax services costs in financial and accounting departments.
2.    A decreased tax risk as a result of being able to get information quickly in any given area of a firm’s operations that have an influence on its tax settlements, ongoing inspection of VAT and ledger records (crucial for avoiding participation in tax frauds).
3.    Automation of many control functions which were hitherto based on the “sample” choice principle on account of their scope/scale.

The possibilities of “e-SHIP by GWW”
•    Anticipates the results of a tax inspection;
•    Makes tax risk management more efficient;
•    Eliminates tax risks;
•    “Learns new rules and obligations” in real time;
•    Effectively cooperates with existing IT systems.


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