GWW Private – a consulting practice for individual clients

Attorney Aldona Leszczyńska-Mikulska joined GWW together with her co-workers. She will be responsible for developing the Private Client practice under the GWW Private brand.

Owing to numerous optimisation processes and signals from Clients who wished to entrust the management of their assets to a trusted advisor, we have decided to establish a specialised Private Client practice at GWW - consulting services for individual clients and family enterprises (covering, among other things, asset planning, tax optimisation, family and inheritance matters).

The new practice will be developed by attorney Aldona Leszczyńska-Mikulska, who will manage a Private Client team – a new unit in GWW’s structure. The practice is run under the GWW Private brand.

Aldona Leszczyńska-Mikulska, attorney at law (radca prawny), tax advisor, together with her co-workers – Tomasz Krzywański, legal trainee, and Tomasz Piejak, 5th year law student at Warsaw University – joined GWW in October 2016. The team previously worked at the law firm Wardyński i Wspólnicy, where Aldona and her colleagues have developed a consulting practice for individual clients over the past several years.

You will find Private Client services, covering tax and legal consulting, under the tab: What we do / GWW Private, link here.


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