GWW wins prestigious award in “Rzeczpospolita” ranking

In the tenth edition of the “Rzeczpospolita” Tax Advisory Firm Ranking, the tax practice at GWW received the prestigious “Transaction of the Year” award.

For the tenth time now, the editors of “Rzeczpospolita”, a leading business daily, announced their awards for best tax advisory firms and best tax specialists. In the current edition of the Ranking, the tax practice at GWW, run under the GWW Tax brand, received the prestigious “Transaction of the Year” award.

The new ranking category evaluates firms providing tax services for high-profile transactions and GWW Tax was the proud recipient of the “Transaction of the Year” award. The title went to the team headed by attorney Andrzej Próchnicki for their assistance to the Cyfrowy Polsat Group with refinancing the PLN 11.5 billion debt incurred by the companies that currently form part of the Group, among other things for the purpose of acquiring Polkomtel (leading cell phone provider in Poland). It represents the largest refinancing of a single capital group in the history of the Polish banking sector. The selections were made by the Ranking Jury led by Prof. Hanna Litwińczuk, which brings together renowned representatives of the world of science, entrepreneurs’ organisations and members of the National Board of Tax Advisors.

Furthermore, GWW Tax achieved:

  • 9th place in the revenue listing.
  • 9th place in the listing of tax advisors most frequently selected by companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • 11th place in the quantitative listing, which takes into account the number of tax advisors (the Ranking covered 66 of the largest tax advisory firms).


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