For society

GWW is involved in various social causes, in particular those that can improve the Polish legal system. In this way, we use the knowledge, experience and skills of our experts for the common good. The beneficiaries of the pro bono work that GWW is actively engaged in are Polish society, Polish culture, and legal education.

Pro Bono

In February 2012, GWW began taking legal care of Towarzystwo Szkół Zjednoczenego Świata im. prof. Pawła Czartoryskiego (an affiliate of United World Colleges).


For students

GWW has twice been awarded the title of ‘Patron of Legal Education’.


Culture and Sport

Another beneficiary of GWW’s pro bono work is Polish culture.


Non-governmental organisations

Since its inception, GWW has been very active in liberalising the Polish telecommunications industry.