GWW – legal and tax advisory practice

GWW has been providing legal and tax advisory services in Poland for domestic and international businesses since 1996. Our law firm employs over 100 lawyers assisting clients in all areas of running a business.

The GWW Legal team supports companies from the infrastructure, telecommunications, energy, media, sports, pharmaceutical and other key sectors of the economy. GWW Tax attorneys and advisors provide comprehensive assistance through e.g. audits, reviews, optimization, risk management and other services.

Additionally, GWW Private has been created in order to assist individual clients in all private and professional matters, including Poland`s marriage laws, divorce, property tax, inheritance issues and much more.

We cooperate with our clients with one goal in mind: to help them develop their business and ensure its trouble-free operation on the Polish and international markets. We take a comprehensive approach in putting clients` affairs in context and always trying to see the full picture.

Our offices are located in Warsaw and other key regions: Poznań, Wrocław and Rzeszów.